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Ebook design & conversions

Writing or publishing a book? We can help you make your book look good on iPad, Kindle and Surface.

Epub is an open file format that looks good on all digital readers. We can convert your book to the ePub format.

Your ebook will look smart and will be easy to read. The chapters will be laid out in a table of contents that makes navigating your book a snap. The cover will be embedded into the file, making the eBook look good on all virtual bookshelves.

A conversion will give you

Epub or pdf?

Q: I have a pdf of my book and I have heard the iPad can display pdfs, why should I convert my book to the ePub format?

Pdf is a fixed format, you can't adjust the font sizes and the text does not flow freely depending on the width of the device you're using. People expect to be able to read their books on different devices, be that the iPad, the Kindle, the iPhone or the computer screen.

The ePub format gives people the convenience of freely flowing, adjustable text on all their mobile devices – not unlike how words on a web page re-flow when you resize the window.

Download a free epub sample